LHS graduate receives free Pickleman’s sandwich


By Sophia Kaufman, Yearbook Co-Editor in Chief

Lawrence High graduate Lex Moulton proves that your dreams can become reality: especially if that dream is a free sandwich from Pickleman’s.

On Monday, September 9, Moulton posted a screenshot of a chat with Pickleman’s on his personal instagram with a caption that read “What’s up instagram. I’m very hungry. Please help me be less hungry. Please like and share to your story and help my dream of getting a free Pickleman’s sandwich come true.”

His callings were answered and by Wednesday, his post had been shared 87 times and reached over 1,500 likes.

“I just said I wanted a free sandwich at Pickleman’s and they were like ‘yeah, sure for one thousand likes,’” Moulton said. “Now I have like fifteen hundred or something. It just keeps growing.”

What had started as a long shot inspired by a post on Twitter soon ended in a delicious triumph for former Chesty Lion Lex Moulton.  

Moulton picked up his sandwich and bought a couple others from Pickleman’s and headed over to LHS Wednesday afternoon to celebrate with those who had shared his post.

One of those people was junior Raef Landes, who happened to get the first bite. 

“It felt very powerful,” Landes said. “It was very honorable to be able to take the first bite.”

Another among the crowd was junior Reece Wolhford. 

“It seemed like such a cool thing that everyone was coming together for this random person who already graduated and are still supporting him,” Wolhford said. ‘I just wanted him to have a sandwich.’”

Traveling around town, Moulton’s goal was for everyone who shared his post to have a bite.  

“Eighty-seven people reshared my post on their stories, so I’m trying to give a bite to all of them, but it’s been a little bit of a struggle and some of them live literally across the country or the world,” Moulton said.

As the remains of his prize were consumed, Moulton offered up his words of gratitude for this opportunity. 

“I just want to say thank you to Pickleman’s and everyone who supported me in my dream to get a free sandwich because I was hungry,” Moulton said.


Megan Drumm contributed to this report.