Student Opinions on the Next Principal


Fynn Stovall

Lawrence High School entrance pictured in November 2018.

By Zora Lotton-Barker, Staff Writer

With the resignation of current Lawrence High principal Matt Brungardt, students have varied opinions about what they want in their next principal.

Junior Melanie Meyer hopes the new principal will be able to communicate with teachers effectively.

“I would say, my biggest hope is that, like I know that there is a lot of tension between the administration at Lawrence High and the teachers, so I hope that with a new principal some of those tensions and those problems could be fixed,” Meyer said.

Freshman Sarah Derby hopes for a good leader.

“I think that he will have to be a good leader,” Derby said. “Cooperation too, because there are multiple principals that he would have to be able to work with. He needs to be good with students, like empathetic and understanding, smart too.”

Sophomore Reece Wohlford says organization is an important quality that the new principal would need to have.

“Being able to organize well is really important,” she said. “Also, someone we need someone who everyone can go to when they have problems. Like, someone who can take the lead. I feel like we don’t really have that right now.”

Meyer thinks that above all else, a principal should be able to listen.

“I think that the biggest quality that a principal would need to have would be to be able to listen,” she said. “They need to be able to take suggestions from the students and listen to what they have to say, and also to be active. I don’t feel like our administration is really out and about, and I feel like with a new principal he would be more involved the flow of the school.”

Meyer thinks there could be trust issues the new principal would have to overcome after taking the position.

“I think he’ll probably have to face a lot of new trust issues coming into Lawrence High,” Meyer said. “There isn’t really any trust issues with our administration now so I think he’ll have to build those bonds and it’ll probably be tough to make sure that his staff respects him in that sense.”

Derby thinks the ever changing nature of school could provide some obstacles.

“The school just really is constantly going through changes and it would definitely be confusing having not been at Lawrence High before, especially because of construction,” she said. “And getting off on the wrong foot with the students could be problem too.

Derby also thinks certain sports could get more of the spotlight with new leadership.

“Well, I always think that lesser known sports like tennis or swimming or something could get some more attention, and maybe the new principal will be better about highlighting them,” she said.

Derby said construction might be difficult to handle as a newcomer to Lawrence High.

“It would be pretty confusing for him but, you know, a new perspective is always good and if he has an opinion on like the construction and general, he can give a fresh look on the situation,” Derby said.

Wohlford thinks it is most important that the principal be present.

“I think we need someone who is actually present,” Wohlford said. “Like, I feel like I don’t even know who the principal is now. I want someone who is involved and someone who I can actually have access to.”