Fashion institute sponsors new Fashion Club

New Lawrence High club allows students to pursue design and fashion interest, while qualifying for scholarships

By Anahita Hurt, Online Co-Editor

Senior Klara Hinson created Fashion Club this year. The club is sponsored by Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.

“I’m the Fashion Club President, Wyatt Carson’s the Co-President,” Hinson said. “The club is through FIDM — the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. I’m planning on going [to FIDM] next year, and there’s scholarship opportunities if you have a club at your school, for anybody who’s a member.”

Senior Wyatt Carson is the Fashion Club Co-President. He was invited by Hinson, due to a shared interest in fashion and FIDM.

“I became a member because Klara invited me to be Co-President and I am pretty involved in the fashion world,” Carson said. “I got involved with FIDM because Klara visited and got accepted into the school so I heard about it from her. I’ve spoken with a representative from FIDM and he reviewed my portfolio as well.”

The club is run through FIDM’s Fashion Club program, which provides Hinson and Carson with a network of ideas and connections to other clubs, as well as opportunities for grants and supplies.

“FIDM provides some supplies and gives ideas and formats of the club,” Carson said. “The entire thing is through FIDM and we all sign in through their website. They provide scholarship money to anyone in Fashion Club.”

The club meets every other Monday after school in Ms. Vertacnik’s room. During meetings, they work on skills or DIY projects.

“We’ve only had a few meetings, but we’ve tried to learn a new skill, like, for instance, how to fashion sketch and we created design mood boards,” Hinson said. “We want to do more DIYs and learn more skills, and maybe do some field trips to the fashion merchandising program at Johnson County or something like that.”

Fashion Club tries to create an environment to express interest in fashion through learning about fashion and creating new designs.

“The purpose of Fashion Club is to provide a space for different minds who are interested in fashion to come together and create, learn, and get more involved in fashion,” Carson said.

The club learns about fashion through videos, as well as brainstorming and creating. Carson is interested in collaboration amongst club members, as well as setting up a runway show.

“In Fashion Club we watch sketching tutorials, watch runway shows, create mood boards, thrift shopping, design clothes, collaborative projects and more to be determined,” Carson said. “My future plans in Fashion Club include making a collaborative piece with everyone in the club and possibly having a runway show from modified thrifted clothes.”

Fashion Club’s purpose is to create a space for students who are interested in fashion and design to express that interest.

“Our goal is to bring fashion and design loving students together to share ideas and find ways to express their love for design,” Hinson said.

But Fashion Club isn’t just for people who are into fashion or know about design, it’s open to all students with an interest.

“Yeah, [the club]’s really not just for fashion, just anybody who likes design,” Hinson said. “You don’t have to have any experience or anything, just anybody who has an eye for design or an interest in it.”