New sponsor joins Student Council

Band director Mike Jones takes over StuCo leadership position


StuCo sponsor Mike Jones prepares for class. Mr. Jones became the new StuCo sponsor at the start of this school year.

By Anahita Hurt, Online Co-Editor-in-Chief

This year, band director Mike Jones joined Student Council as the new sponsor.

Jones volunteered for the position, and took it after some internal debating about how he could fit it into his busy schedule as the band director.

“I volunteered, the position was open, I said I was interested in it, and they said I could do it,” Jones said. “In my head, at first, I said, ‘you know, I could do this’ and then, I thought to myself, ‘nope, I’m a busy band director, there’s no way I should be doing this,’ it came through again, ‘I’m at most of these events anyways, I like students, I like Lawrence High, I like student leadership, yeah, I’ll do it.’”

Jones feels responsible for helping the students lead, but he tries to stay back and give them the spotlight as much as he can.

“It is my responsibility to make sure that the student leaders get to lead, and I have to provide guidance to make sure that we are all going in the same direction,” Jones said. “But it is a student leadership organization for the student body and I want to make sure to give them as much opportunity and help and support as I can, but it’s them that’s doing it.”

Student Council meets every day before school except Wednesdays. Once a month, they have official meetings that encourage students and clubs to attend.

“We meet every morning at 7 am, and once a month on Wednesdays we have official meetings which are more public and we bring in clubs and things,” Student Body Vice President Bryce Smith said. “All of our meetings are actually public but that’s the one we encourage people to come to the most.”

Student Council plays a crucial role in the functioning of the school by organizing fundraisers and putting on events. Their first big event this year was Homecoming, while Pink Out and the Blood Drive are their next two events.

“Everyday we kind of go through what’s coming up, you know, something might be in December but it doesn’t mean you don’t need to work on it now,” Smith said. “If we have pressing stuff, we make signs sometimes, we work on our social media stuff. Once a month we bring clubs in, they talk to us. Like if they need help fundraising, they talk to us about that, if they’re having these problems, we have more connections than they do sometimes, so we help with that.”

Senior Vera Petrović is the Student Body Co-President, alongside senior Gary Schmidt.

“I am the student body Co-President with Gary, and we organize events for the school, run the StuCo class, and try to create the best possible environment for the student body,” Petrović said.

Before Jones was sponsor, the role was held by English teacher Keri Lauxman.

“Mrs. Lauxman gave so much to Student Council, and really motivated us to be leaders,” Petrović said. “We are always going to be thankful for her, but we are excited to have a new sponsor as warm and welcoming as Mr. Jones. I think change is always a good thing, even if the past was good, as well.”

As sponsor, Jones brings a new perspective to the role, while still holding up the previous procedures.

“Mr. Jones helps us with the logistics of meetings and events, and is a great source of support and wisdom,” Petrović said. “Mr. Jones has done a wonderful job as our new sponsor. He has been great about offering new advice while still navigating the traditions and practices we have in place.”