LHS students win Student Champion Award


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Eric Galbreath (left) and Evann Seratte (right) stand for a picture at the Community Education Breakfast on September 7. The two seniors won the Student Champion Award.

By Nadia Sanburn, Assistant Online Editor

At the 2018 Community Education Breakfast on September 7th,  Lawrence High seniors Evann Seratte and Eric Galbreath were honored by winning the Student Champion Award.

“The award is for a student that represents the example of student athlete and keeps up in the classroom but is a good person and a good athlete,” Galbreath said.

Seratte’s favorite part of the Community Education Breakfast was the food.

“They had this really fancy breakfast and that was like the best part about it, eating the food,” Seratte said. “Then they gave us a medal so that’s cool too, and we got Eileen’s cookies!”

Both of the students were surprised when they found out they had won.

“I was really surprised, just because I felt like I wasn’t everything it could’ve been,” Seratte said. “I didn’t really think they’d choose me because I’m involved in sports but sports take up a lot of my time so it’s all I do, I feel like I’m not super well-rounded.”  

Seratte was unsure of why she won the award.

“I guess they just chose me because I’m an athlete but I honestly didn’t think I deserved it,” Seratte said. “I definitely think someone that was more involved…or just someone else should’ve gotten it. But I’m glad they chose me, I’m very honored.”

Galbreath didn’t expect the award either.

“I was a little bit surprised but I was also really honored that I was recognized for it,” said Galbreath.

Galbreath thought the breakfast was an interesting and important experience.

“There were a lot of important people there and it was a good experience to get to listen to someone successful that also came from the school,” Galbreath said. “It was very honoring to me to be able to get recognized with some of my friends at this school and the other school too.”