LHS band struck with Norovirus on spring break trip

Contagious virus made rounds while traveling to Disneyland for competitions

By Nadia Sanburn, Reporter

This spring break, the LHS band took a trip to Orlando, Florida to perform in the contest Festival Disney. 150 students went, and about a third of them contracted the norovirus- a highly contagious gastrointestinal illness.  

“I think people started getting sick around the day we got there, like after everyone went to Disney,” freshman Harriette Perkins said.  “The people who got the virus started by acting exhausted, and saying they were going to pass out. Then, it seemed like the throwing up started when they were back at the hotel at night.”

         According to the CDC, “Norovirus can spread quickly in closed places like daycare centers, nursing homes, schools, and cruise ships.” Many more LHS students became infected on the bus ride back to Lawrence.

“I think for most it lasted until they got back,” Perkins said.

         Even though a third of the band was out of commision, the LHS band decided to compete in the contests.

“It was a stressful experience, having to change things up and cut out some sections of the pieces that we had rehearsed so specifically before,” Perkins said “Mr. Jones gave us the choice to play or not to play, and we chose to compete.”

         Compete they did, and with great results. Symphonic Band placed 3rd, also receiving a superior rating. Jazz band received 2nd with an excellent rating. Luther Fuller, the pianist, got best soloist for jazz.

Even though many people were sick, Harriette Perkins said she had a good time on the trip, “My favorite part was exploring Disney World.”