All gender bathroom opens at Lawrence High

By Griffin Nelson, Lilian Khan, and Ali Pennewell

The Budget talked to students and staff for their opinions on the change to the bathroom.

Mike Norris, assistant principal


“Throughout the years, it’s been an ongoing conversation, an increasing concern within the community. Recently some students from the Total Equality Alliance met with us and talked about their needs and concerns. Based on our conversations and follow up conversations we decided to identify and pursue the idea of the gender neutral bathroom. Talking with kids within the organization about the understanding of identifying one way or another they may not feel as secure about which bathroom they want to use. We had several conversations with the district about which bathroom they want to use. We want to make the best decisions for our  students. We picked this particular bathroom because of the biological matters. Also, due to the emotional response with urinals and feeling the need to “have to” use it. We didn’t want to put it on the edge of the school, we wanted it to be central and easy for students. We specially ordered a sign for all genders. It says gender neutral now but we are changing it to all genders.”

Leo Loving, sophomore


“Yeah, I think it’s a good idea. There are already other gender neutral bathrooms in the school but this one is more public than the others. I hope people respect other people’s needs. I might use it in the future maybe.”