The Breakfast Club offers culinary and business experience

A new class at the College and Career Center, Applied Business and Marketing, is using their skills to create their own business.

The Breakfast Club is a business that sells breakfast tacos and coffee at the College and Career Center and the district building during late arrival on Wednesdays.

The CCC’s Culinary class introduced the idea to the business students.

“The Culinary class wanted us to help them produce their business, so they’re like our client, so we just do the marketing, the advertising and try to get the word out,” Free State senior Gavin Jeffrey said. “We’ll do posters, fliers, maybe send a thing out on Twitter.”

As of now, the Breakfast Club can’t sell their products at the high schools. The Applied Business and Marketing students— seniors Hunter Taylor, Braden Solko and Gavin Jeffery— are trying to change the school policy to allow the business to expand to the high school.

“We’re in contact with the school district’s lawyer and he’s doing everything he can to try and get it switched so we can do some kind of sales, but it’s a lot of work but were in the process right now,” senior Hunter Taylor said.

The Applied Business and Marketing class hopes to gather business experience through this class.

“It’s really independent,” Taylor said. “We’re doing really interesting business so I get to do what I’m interested in every day.”