Ambulance unrelated to fight

Confusion abounds when fight and medical emergency occur around the same time

By Meredith Chapple

A fight and a medical emergency occurred about the same time today, leaving students confused and creating rumors.

During third hour, an ambulance arrived outside of the doors by Student Services to help a student who had a seizure, according to a school employee who was there.

In the same class period, staff members broke up a fight between two students outside of the library, staff members said. Despite rumors, those present said no weapon was involved although the fight resulted in blood and wet floor signs lining the hall.

The two incidents were unrelated. The ambulance was used to take the student with the seizure to the hospital, sources said.

Librarian Steve Wilson, who saw the fight happen, said there was blood, yelling and cursing throughout the hall until the staff members helped break up the fight.

“I heard verbal sounds and some physical noise that sounded like an altercation,” Wilson said. “It didn’t take very long.”

The Budget’s Izzy Hedges, Addisson Thornsbury and Macy Landes contributed to this report.