Young Feminist Club fights against catcalling


Hannah Gaines

The Young Feminist Club is taking a stand against catcalling by putting door hangers around the school and other efforts.

By Krista Hopkins

The Young Feminist Club spent last week raising awareness of catcalling and street harassment.

Members took pictures of volunteers with signs that read “Catcalling is not a compliment. They also let people share their personal stories about sexual harassment, with the goal of bringing awareness to the issue.

“We’ve gotten a bunch of people who have came in after school people who are in Feminist Club and not in the club just to take pictures because it’s happened to everybody,” said junior Brendan Connor, a member of Young Feminists Club.

Members also put up signs around the school explaining what catcalling is and other signs that said “Catcalling free zone.”

“I think it’s overall just getting people aware because I think some people are oblivious to it happening in public and now maybe people can make a stand for themselves and others,” Connor said.