Orchestra mattress sale

By Krista Hopkins and Kira Auchenbach

It’s not every day LHS students dress up in mattresses costumes and wave signs on the sidewalks of Lawrence. But at the end of day, the orchestra program earned $12,100 for their trip to Chicago.

They held their sale on Sept. 26 in the cafeteria.

“We were trying to come up with a unique fundraiser that would raise a lot of money for kids who need extra help getting for the trip financially, as well as some scholarships for students,” said orchestra teacher Rachel Dirks.

Orchestra students were lined up on major streets and intersections, directing cars to the sale.

“We actually had a showroom in the cafeteria with mattresses set up like if you were going to a furniture store,” Dirks said. “It just happened to be in the cafeteria. And then the kids job at the day of the sale was to get out around town and just show people what was going on in our cafeteria and make sure to help people find their way to our cafeteria.”