Little Pompeii (minus volcano)

Latin and Art programs team up to adorn walls of class courtyard

By Kate Rettig

The Latin class courtyard has all of the essentials of a traditional Roman courtyard: It has fountains, flowers, even a turtle.

Soon there will be pieces of ancient Roman culture.

New murals are going to be painted along the west wall of the courtyard off of Latin teacher Jason Lichte’s classroom.

“We just really wanted to do something new for the courtyard and leave a positive mark on the school,” senior Latin club president Kennedy Dold said.

Dold, Art Club president senior Miranda Pratt, art teacher Wendy Vertacnik and Lichte met to discuss the mural. They agreed to replicate a mural of baby Hercules featured in the House of the Veitii, as well as an outdoor scene painted on the walls of the House of Lyvia, wife of Emperor Augustus.

“The whole time we have been trying to recreate a Pompeian courtyard,” Lichte said. “Just like the people who lived in Pompeii, we are using paint to decorate.”

Lichte said that the Romans used these murals as somewhat of conversation-starters to entertain guests.

“I think the Latin mural will look good and will bring together the courtyard,” Art Club member, sophomore Lilian Khan said. “It brightens it up and adds a whole new element.”

Latin Club and Art Club students will collaborate on painting the mural.

The courtyard has been an ongoing project. Each year, improvements have been added to the courtyard as Lichte has students make contributions to the space.

Whether it’s cleaning the fountains or donating objects, he wants to make sure the courtyard is looking its best.

“The courtyard has been a growing project for nearly a decade,” Dold said. “A new mural seemed like the next logical thing to add.”