Back in the saddle

Animal Science class gets real-world experience

By Kate Rettig and Nicole Owens

Students in Animal Science with Mark Rickabaugh’s animal science class rode horses in the school parking lot on Oct. 7

“It was fun,” sophomore Katelyn Goodlett said. “We just got to ride them for a couple minutes, and they didn’t run with us they held them and the horses walked while we rode them.”

For the past 7 years, Rickabaugh has had his students ride horses before the class begins horse unit. Students rode an arabian horse provided by junior Elise Ruhlman.

“I think it’s a fun experience that brings a real life situation to the classroom,” Rickabaugh said. “You can teach about horses, you can show videos, but until they are actually riding a horse and having the horse nuzzle on them… It brings a lot more interest whenever we start the unit after having that firsthand experience.”