The Budget finds printing alternative


By Roscoe Bradt

This year, the “Lawrence Journal World” moved their printing operation to the “Kansas City Star’s” printing facility. “The Budget” printed all of its issues at the Journal World’s downtown printing location for nearly five years, but it has now been forced to find an alternative.

“We wanted to stay at least close by,” said journalism adviser, Barbara Tholen. “We talked to printers in town and some of them were definite possibilities and would have been really good to work with. It ended up price-wise that [Osage Graphics] was a really good solution for us.”

“Kendra Schwartz and I met with the head of another printing company,” said senior Ashley Hocking, co-Editor-In-Chief of “The Budget.” “After discussing cost, size and format, we ultimately decided to print with Osage Graphics after careful consideration because it is a more cost-efficient route.”

As opposed to the Journal World printing location, which was a handy 10 minutes away from Lawrence High, Osage Graphics is nearly an hour away from the school.

“Although Osage Graphics will provide us with delivery of the newspapers, rather than Ashley Hocking or I having to pick the papers ourselves, there will be a service charge that is added to our costs,” said senior Kendra Schwartz, co-Editor-In-Chief of “The Budget.” “I can’t say I’ll miss those cold days waiting outside the doors of the printing press.”

Along with the changes in the production, there will be a slight change in the physical paper as well.

“We are thrilled to be working with Osage Graphics because not only is the cost to print less than we were previously paying, but also the papers will end up being a little larger,” Schwartz said. “Both of these changes will be particularly advantageous in meeting our ad sales goals while maintaining our content.”

“The Budget” is solely funded by advertising sales. This change could bring a monetary gain and help the newspaper add a larger span of content.

Even though there will be a change in the procedure of “The Budget’s” creation, the student body will still receive the same style of paper they are familiar with.

“We sought out a printer that would enable us to stick to the format our student body knows and loves,” Hocking said. “The size of each individual page will be slightly larger than before and the material of the pages will be thinner.”

“The Budget” will have many upcoming internal changes, but the staff will be doing their best to keep the paper up to the quality that the study body has grown accustomed to.

“We’re looking forward to our future experiences with Osage Graphics,” Hocking said.