Letter from the Co-Editors-In-Chief


Dear Readers,

As we co-editors-in-chief delve into second semester, we’ve begun to realize that this stretch to the finish line is what we make of it. This is the beginning of the end. With reduced schedules and core class credits already completed, we seniors have had to make a conscious effort not to let senioritis affect us.

However, we’ve had additional pressures to apply for admittance to a number of universities and to craft essays in application for a substantial amount of scholarships. As mentioned in the article “Rising tuition yields creative solutions,” there are a plethora of ways to ease the burden of the expenses of college.

Even though the deadlines for some national scholarships have already passed, a multitude of local scholarships became available to Lawrence High School seniors on Jan. 24.

Students who plan on attending out-of-state institutions are still eligible to receive any of the local scholarships. Information regarding these scholarships can be viewed on the school website, http://lhs.usd497.org/StudentServices/. Local scholarship applications are due 3:30 p.m. Feb. 21, so get started on those essays.

Although we encourage all of our peers to pursue these scholarship opportunities, there are a number of other ways to pay for college. For some students, this can mean taking out student loans. Others may choose to attend community college for a few years before moving on to a four year school. Whatever you choose, make sure you have chosen a path that will ultimately prepare you for your ideal career.

Beyond scholarships, we seniors will participate in a number of “lasts.” For choir students, as illustrated in “Choral students prepare for Showtime,” many seniors will sing their last chords at LHS in Showtime. For senior participants, this year will be their last opportunity to splash around in the mud at the annual Mud Volleyball event. And for seniors, Winter Formal marks their last all-school dance at Lawrence High.

So, despite the slowly approaching end to our senior year, seniors, let’s make the most of our last semester at Lawrence High. As alluded to in the Q&A “Get to know Winter Court,” candidates were each asked, “What will your legacy be at LHS?” And although many of these candidates had their own unique perspectives, we’d like to ask this same question to the senior class as a whole.

What will our legacy be? Don’t let the class of 2014 be remembered for school vandalizations or senior pranks that went too far. Seniors, let’s go down in history for being the class that underclassmen could truly look up to. Let us be the graduating class that made LHS a more positive, accepting place for our fellow classmates to attend.

Seniors, let’s make this semester count.



Ashley Hocking & Kendra Schwartz