Xbox One and PS4 Hit the Shelves


Drawing by Joaquin Dorado

By Roscoe Bradt



Story by Roscoe Bradt

   Drawing by Joaquin Dorado-Mariscal

Microsoft and Sony, both with their consoles flying off the shelves, are neck and neck in the race to control the newest generation of console gaming.

The PS4 beat the Xbox One to launch, but the vote is still out to which one will be labeled as the titan of this console war. Both have similar hardware capabilities, along with similar accessory features. But both have their specifics that really set them apart. Though both the consoles are flying off the shelves, it’s hard to know which one is truly superior over the other until the consoles advance and really develop the late game.

In terms of the basic hardware the consoles are about on par. Both of them handel games to the point where even side by side the graphics are hard to distinguish. but this is sure to change once developers maximize what they can do with the console further down the road.

The xbox one, where some customers like it or not, comes with Microsoft’s visual sensor, the Kinect. Although some users find it gimmicky, this revamp of the kinect gives it some great functionality features including voice command that are clear and crisp, and camera abilities that logs on onto your console when it sees your face.

The PS4 doesn’t quite have the audio or video recognition systems that the Kinect carries along, but they still have their kinect alternative along with a surprising new peripheral. On the new dual shock 4 controllers, theres a touch pad in the center that is also clickable. users are so far enjoying this item, and games are adding in functionality for the device to go alongside its functionality for browsing the web.

           Another new feature to the new dual shock controller is the broadcasting of game audio through the 3.5mm jack on the controller. Previously the dual shock only supported voice chat through a 2.5mm jack on the controller, the same format the the xbox One currently has.

Both have a solid selection of launch titles, letting gamers get their fill the moment they pick up their consoles, but most of the issues revolving around the launches come down to personal preference. The two consoles are shaping up to bring entertainment for years to come, and will hopefully have the same fruitful life span as the previous generation.

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