Retired teacher continues to make impact at LHS

By Kaie Thirteen, Reporter

For decades, David Platt was a beloved teacher at LHS, inspiring generations of students with his passion for learning and his unwavering dedication. Though he retired last school year, Platt’s legacy lives on, as he was recently placed in the school’s Hall of Honor for his years of service to the community.

Despite his retirement, Platt has continued to serve the school by working as a substitute teacher in various classrooms throughout the year. In this role, he has had the opportunity to work with many different teachers and students.

“I wish I could watch him teach because I know that kids love him and respect him and he’s exceptional at building those connections with students,” Journalism teacher Barbara Tholen said.

Science teacher Marci Lueschen particularly respects Platt’s expertise in the teaching field.

“He knows the system, he knows LHS,” Lueschen said. 

Because of his work as a substitute, Platt has been an active presence in the school community, volunteering his time and expertise to teachers. His dedication to the school and its students has not gone unnoticed, and his recent induction into the LHS Hall of Honor is a testament to the impact he’s had. 

Platt feels pride when thinking about his induction.

“To be a part of the tradition and legacy of this school is un-freaking believable,” he said. “I love this school so I continue to do the things I do regardless of that kind of recognition. What makes this place special is that people are recognized for being committed to doing something.”