Quarantined students face challenges in keeping up

Back in person without a Webex option, students lose live instruction opportunity when they’re stuck at home

By Julia Barker, Features Editor

With a return to full time in-person school, Webex has been tossed aside, leaving new challenges for students who are still being affected by quarantines.

The days at home can leave students feeling disconnected from their classes and students and teachers as they navigate school life that is no longer online and fully accessible from home.

Students in quarantine can fall behind in their classes and school work. Teachers have expressed concerns, and have advice for how students can help combat these problems.  

“Any time a student misses consecutive days, they should email their teachers to keep communication open,” English teacher Susie Micka said. 

Many times, teachers understand these circumstances and will help students work through these roadblocks. Creating communication will help create a mutual understanding between both students and teachers. Keeping in touch through email or even private comments in Google Classroom are some ways students can establish communication and help stay on track with their teachers. 

“It’s a hard balance,” English teacher Melissa Johnson said. “Self-care is important, especially when we’re sick, but part of self-care is trying to stay on top of things so we don’t feel overwhelmed and stressed out when we return to school.” 

Quarantining is a lot like sick days for students but over a more extended period of time. This causes students to lose some motivation for school especially when coupled with the symptoms of COVID that may be experienced.

“I felt behind everyone else like my mind wasn’t grasping the content the same way,” sophomore Stella Barnett said. 

Even with the struggle of isolation away from school, many students are still trying their best to be proactive with their work and try to not fall behind. 

“I stayed up to date with work by reaching out to my teachers,” Barnett said, “by figuring out what I needed to be doing and checking Google Classroom every day.”