Foster leaving LHS to teach at BMMS


Cooper Avery

Biology teacher Ann Foster teaches a class of 24 students in 2015.

By Kenna McNally, Yearbook Managing Editor

Science department head, freshman biology, and AP biology teacher Ann Foster announced today that she will be a grade 6/7 science teacher at Billy Mills Middle School starting in the fall. 

“HR-approved my transfer, and I am so beyond excited to say I have accepted a position as a 6/7 grade science teacher,” said Foster in a Facebook post. “I am beyond happy. It has long been a desire to return to my middle school classroom.” 

The announcement that Foster was leaving LHS came as a surprise to many of her past students. 

“It was a bit of a shock for me and I was sad at first,” junior Ella Trendel said. “She is such a great teacher as well as an influential person, I know that she is going to be missed dearly by students and staff. I was also excited for her and the middle schoolers that she is going to be teaching, they’re really lucky to have such as smart and wonderful person teaching them.” 

In her time at LHS, Foster taught countless students and founded the Nail Art Club. Ann Foster’s teaching style could be deemed “unusual” to some, but she was successful in educating her students. 

“Mrs. Foster was so impactful because of the environment she created. I can confidently say that students were excited to have her as a teacher and go to her class because not only do her students mean the world to her, but her class was always fun,” junior Katie Logan said. “She would always play music and crack jokes during class time. She really made it a class to look forward to.” 

Even when students were no longer in her class, Foster was always there to help with anything they were struggling with. 

“A couple weeks into my first semester of chemistry I was really struggling, and I went to talk to her after school,” Trendel said. “She provided me with worksheets and websites to help me out as well as some spoken advice. She said that she knew I would be able to pass the class and that she believed in me.” 

Foster was also a friend to students. She used the Nail Art Club along with her ability to always be there for her students to create lasting relationships and connect on a deeper level. 

“Mrs. Foster was the first teacher at LHS that I really connected with. She made me feel valued and loved,” Trendel said. “She’s a person that’s always available when you need help whether it’s with schoolwork or personal issues and is always there to offer solutions, advice, and a helping hand.”