Seniors find way to still have prom

From Zoom prom to mini-prom, seniors celebrate prom


Courtesy of Josie Abernathy

Seniors Josie Abernathy and Gavin Carver pose at their two person prom.

By Rachel Krambeer, Staff Writer

Despite prom’s cancelation, many seniors didn’t give up on the night and had a celebration of their own.

Senior Rose Hicks was one of the leading participants during the stay-at-home order.

Rose Hicks dines on chicken alfredo before her virtual prom. (Courtesy of Rose Hicks)

“I tried to organize a zoom prom where LHS seniors all got together from 7-12,” Hicks said.“We’d all eat our dinner at 7-8 and after that was dance/music time. So I got into my dress and cooked myself some chicken alfredo and sat outside and started the meeting.”

Senior Gavin Carver decided to throw his girlfriend, senior Josie Abernathy, a mini prom on April 18 — the originally scheduled date for prom.

“Our prom was supposed to be that night before the COVID-19 outbreak, but since it was canceled, I knew I had to do something because she deserved a prom — no matter how big or small,” Carver said.

Abernathy said she had a fantastic night.

“He told my sister so she could help me get ready, but I had no idea until she had me put on my prom dress and he showed up at my house,” Abernathy said. “We took pictures and he took me out to dinner, in the car of course, and we went back to his house, and he had his basement all set up with lights, streamers and flowers.”

Carver planned the music.

Gavin Carver decorated for a surprise prom he planned for his girlfriend, Josie Abernathy. (Courtesy of Josie Abernathy )

“I made a playlist for us and songs we both knew and loved, and we just slowly danced the night away,” Carver added. 

Sophomore Josefine Graven Ostergaard, a foreign exchange student from Denmark, had her own mini-prom in mid-May. She met with a few foreign exchange friends from other schools, dressed up and took pictures.

“We missed out on our only chance for a prom and really wanted some kind of prom experience in the US,” Oestergaard said.