Corona cancellations call for a whole lot of coping

Armed with hair dye and scissors, students take control of one aspect of life


Courtesy of Katherine Williams

Seniors Haven Rethman and Katherine Williams copes with COVID-19 cancellations by dying their hair

By Katherine Williams, Photo Editor

How would any rational high school student react to the loss of the rest of their school year?

If you answered with buying some cheap hair dye or whipping out those kitchen scissors, you would fit right in at Lawrence High. These past few days, at least 20 students, including myself, have done everything from giving themselves bangs to dying their hair blue. The reasoning behind every new doo slightly varied, but there was always one thing in common: COVID-19. 

There has never been a point in my life where I even remotely felt the urge to dye my hair. Even as I was applying the purple hair dye to my head a few days ago, I felt no sense of remorse or excitement. How odd. 

This was strictly an impulse decision I made to feel like I was in control after I got the news that, what I anticipated being the best parts of my senior year, weren’t going to happen. That same day, senior Allie Grammer performed the “Corona Chop,” as she calls it. Grammer had been planning on doing this right before graduation, but when she thought she might not even have a graduation, she deemed it go-time.

“I decided I would just chop it and start fresh,” Grammer said. “I love the way it looks.” 

Junior Sydney Delfelder joined Allie Grammer in the “Corona Chop.” Delfelder found that giving herself bangs was an easy decision because, with the lack of human interaction for these next few weeks, she concluded that it didn’t matter if it looked bad or not. The junior was overall delighted with her experience and discovered many benefits in the process. 

“I find cutting hair is always a good way to cope,” Delfelder said. “The satisfaction of the scissors cutting my hair is just something I live for.”

It was a different story for the once-upon-a-time blonde-haired Haven Rethman. 

“I regretted it 100 percent,” Rethman said. “I wouldn’t not recommend it…just don’t pick blue.” 

Just under an hour after the transformation, she was in contact with her hairdresser to reverse her mistake. She confesses that if it wasn’t for the school closure, she never would have done it. Thanks a lot, COVID. 

At first glance, it seems kind of strange that a bunch of teens would turn to dyeing or cutting their hair during a time like this, but it makes sense. Not only does this symbolize a fresh start or a “new you” but it also offers a sense of control during a time when everything seems so beyond us. And not a soul in the world can see how terrible my purple hair looks if I lock myself in my room for the next eternity. There are few chances in a lifetime where you can cut your bangs way too short and say to yourself,  “Eh. Well, half of the world is on lockdown, so I am just going to sit here in the comfort of my own bed as this bad boy grows out.”

Now is the time people. Be Bold. Join us.