LHS Debate Duo wins 3rd place at regionals

By Nadia Sanburn, Assistant Online Editor

The LHS debate team competed at the 4-Speaker Regional Debate Competition on January 5th. Vera Petrovic and Macie Albertson received 3rd place.  

“A regular debate round has 2 competitors on each side, and lasts about an hour and a half. The side that argues in favor of passing the year’s resolution is called the affirmative, and the team that argues against the resolution is the negative, said Vera Petrovic. “The debate begins with the first affirmative constructive, which outlines the proposed plan, and then the negative responds, the affirmative responds again, and so on until the final affirmative rebuttal. You can definitely prepare arguments and evidence outside of the round, but a lot of debate is thinking on the fly and constructing arguments when you are not entirely prepared.”

Petrovic feels like she did well this season. “I feel pretty good about the season,” she said. “I had a great partner, Macie Albertson, who was a lot of fun to debate with.”

Petrovic and Albertson ended their seasons with their 3rd place win.

“My favorite part of debate is the beauty in the argumentation,” said Petrovic.” To guide a person through your argument, to craft an entire understanding of a topic, prompts a sort of elated feeling in your stomach. It’s a wonderful feeling, probably my favorite in the world.”