Tricked out for trick or treat

By Anahita Hurt, Online Co-Editor

Students typically wear hoodies, jeans, sweaters and sweats in the fall, but for Halloween, many student wore costumes. Costumes ranged from Marty McFly to a tuxedo cat to an autumn fairy.

Jared Cote, a junior, dressed as Eddie Kaspbrak from the 2017 It movie. He chose it because he had been told he resembled the actor, Jack Dylan Grazer, and his girlfriend encouraged him.

“I’ve gotten more attention asking if my arm is really broken, it’s not really broken; other than that, they’ve just been like, ‘Oh, cool costume,’” Cote said. “The gauze [for the fake arm brace] likes to fall off, but my costume isn’t restrictive at all.”

Cote said he chooses to still dress up because he finds it fun.

“Dressing up for halloween isn’t really different than it was, I don’t think; maybe not as much Spider-Man,” Cote said. “I dressed up as Spider-Man four years in a row. It was pretty iconic.”

Freshman EmilyAnn Miller chose a funnier costume. Clad in black garbage bags, she dressed as “literal trash.”

“I chose this costume because I wanted to be something everyone could relate to,” Miller said. “It represents my truest form.”

Miller got a lot of attention for her costume,

“Dressing up now is a lot different than when I was a kid,” Miller said. “Personally, I’ve gotten into more self deprecating humor.”

Junior Theron Russo dressed up as a sexy hippie, a costume he designed himself. He wore sunglasses, temporary tattoos, a tie-dye t-shirt, a flannel, cutoffs, fishnets, and John Lennon converse.

“I chose this costume because I feel like I’m generally pretty hippie-ish and I wanted to wear fishnets,” Russo said. “A lot of people have beens staring at the legs, but I don’t blame them because the legs are pretty good looking.”

For Russo, dressing up this halloween was an excuse to wear fishnets more than anything else. The costume was comfortable, but cold.

“I think when you’re older you start using ideas more than costumes,” Russo explained. “I was the Flash for a few years, but there isn’t really someone who’s a sexy hippie.”

Isaak VanMeter, a freshman, dressed up as a magical T.Rex by wearing a dinosaur costume. It was one of a kind.

“I’ve gotten a lot of attention. I went to the zombie walk a few days ago, I was probably the most famous person there,” VanMeter said. “A lot of kids there thought it was a statue; I scared a few children – they don’t know there’s a person inside.”

VanMeter wasn’t uncomfortable in his costume, due to roominess inside, but it did make it harder to walk.

“I still dress up because it’s fun, it’s entertaining,” VanMeter said. “There’s a significance, the older you get, the more detail you want to put into your costume.”