Q&A: Enrollment: Which electives to sign up for

By Lilian Khan, Staff Writer

Olivia Jimenez, senior


“I recommend ceramics because you get to express yourself. I also like anatomy because you get to learn in depth about your body.”


Alexis Kriegh, senior

“I’m taking band and French and I also aided last semester. I recommend band because you meet a lot of cool people and it’s really fascinating learning to play an instrument. French is a lot of fun also. We eat a lot of waffles. Join French club.”


Carson Jumping Eagle, junior


“I’m taking photography, weights and AVID. I would recommend AVID the most because it helps me be a better student. It basically prepares me to go to college.”


Makia Austin, junior

“I’m in marching band and it’s beneficial to meet new people and be involved in extracurricular activities. I also took premed. It allowed me to get ahead with CNA training.”


Mary-Esther Bush, sophomore


“I’m in ceramics. Its pretty hard and confusing but if you like art its fun. French 2 is hard but the teacher is nice and it’s a fun class. AVID is really helpful. You get help with scholarships and stuff like that. My favorite is ceramics and French.”


Jared Cote, sophomore


“The electives I take now are German, band and music theory. I recommend music theory if you like music. It’s helpful. I also took forensics, it’s fun and it helps with public speaking. Band is fun because the teachers are great. German is always useful to learn a new language.”


Marian Frick, freshman


“I’m in French, orchestra and world geography. My favorite is orchestra. We’re all pretty close and it makes playing violin really fun. If you do play an instrument it’s fun to play music with a bunch of people.”


Isaac Edwards, freshman


“I’m taking lifetime sports. It’s fun and you get to be active. I recommend it if you’re hyper.”