Teams unite to support FSHS soccer players

Students support the Kapfer family at soccer game


Meredith Chapple

Members of the Free State and LHS soccer teams wore yellow on the field before the start of the Oct. 10 game to honor Amanda Kapfer, the parent of two Free State soccer players. She had died of cancer a few days before the game, and the teams wanted to honor her memory.

By Gary Schmidt

Lawrence united on Oct. 10 for more than just the City Showdown between Lawrence High’s and Free State’s boys soccer teams.

Amanda Kapfer, mother of Free State players, Owen Kapfer and Oliver Kapfer, recently passed away after fighting cancer, and as a sign of unity, student sections from both schools wore yellow, the color of colorectal cancer from which Kapfer died.

Before the game, both teams lined up at midfield and released yellow balloons into the sky.

Sophomore midfielder Cole Shupert was among the many moved by the demonstration.

“It was very saddening to hear that Mrs. Kapfer passed away just days before the game, and it was really special to see the support from everybody at the game regardless of the rivalry between the two schools,” Shupert said. “The occasion really made me, if not the others on the team realize that there are things much bigger and more important than the game and the rivalry between the two schools.”

Free State won the game 1-0 on its home field.