Students cheering for Royal win

By Kate Rettig

Royals fans at LHS are filled with excitement as the team is in the playoffs for the first time since 1985.

The Kansas City Royals won their wildcard playoff game against the Athletics on Tuesday to advance. Fans stayed up late — or were woken up late — to watch the action when the Royals and the Oakland Athletics were tied 5-5 in the 9th inning. In the 12th, Royals won by a run with a final score of 9-8.

“I was pretty surprised. My mom came in and woke me up,” sophomore Cameron Stussie said. “I thought it was a dream ’til I woke up the next morning and saw the actual box score. I was pretty happy with the result.”

Last night, the Royals beat the Los Angeles Angels 3-2.

“Their biggest strengths are pitching, and their defense is amazing,” special education teacher Brandon Lytle said. “They’re also scrappy. It seems they are good at fighting back and overcoming odds. Every time I think they’re going to lose and every time I think the season is over, they somehow get a winning streak.”

The Royals next play at 8:37 p.m. tonight in Anaheim, Calif.