Video uses new approach

By By Tiffany Robbins

Homecoming is a tradition of voting, assemblies, campaigns and filming.

But this year, the traditional lip dub Homecoming film underwent changes.

The Homecoming candidates and the film students from room 125 had their work cut out for them this year when it came time for the Homecoming video.

“We wanted to try something new and fresh, more narrative,” said senior film editor Eddie Loupe.

Room 125 productions decided for this year’s Homecoming video to replace the traditional lip dub with a narrative piece. The film was about a day in the life of high school students. They felt that by making it a narrative film it would bring out the personalities of each individual candidate while still showcasing LHS.

“Well, obviously it is about the candidates and the video is a way to try and include not only the candidates but show that what makes the video important is the school itself,” Loupe said.

The film students enjoyed the time they spent with the candidates.

“The candidates were excited to be in the video and representing our school the entire time,” senior Savannah Jones said.

Jones with the rest of Room 125 Productions spent four weeks working on the video.

During the first two weeks, they created a plan for the new video. One week was spent getting to know and filming the candidates. The last week was spent editing and perfecting the final details of the film.

Both the candidates and crew behind the camera had to work together to create a successful film.

“When you are the one behind the camera you have to understand that there is a lot of planning and organizing involved,” Loupe said.

Loupe said he was surprised by the acting skills the candidates brought to the table.

“It was easier to work with them this year than in the past, some were unexpectedly good at acting,” Loupe said.

After they completed the editing process, the candidates and the film crew were excited to show the film at the Homecoming assembly.

“It gives the student body a chance to see a really entertaining video and the candidates a chance to show their personalities,” homecoming candidate Zoe Reed said.

The student body responded positively to the new video idea.

“The new idea was very interesting,” senior Dominic Cole said. “It added a fresh twist to things.”