The Budget

Apples new Mobile Line-Up

October 4, 2013

On September 10th, Apple held an event revealing their new phone line-up at the company's headquarters in Cupertino, California. They revealed two new iPhones, and their new mobile operating system iOS 7 along with a revamp to th...

Film Critic: Insidious: Chapter 2

September 30, 2013

The sequel to the horror movie Insidious was directed by James Wan. Other films directed by Wan include The Conjuring, and Saw. Wan co-wrote Insidious, and Insidious: Chapter 2  with Leigh Whannell. The main cast of the film consists of actors Patrick W...

Popular Books

September 30, 2013

Graphic By Alexis Riner In the past thirty days, there are a few popular books being checked out. Some seem to be for assignments, and some are probably one person renewing their book over and over. Keeping that in mind here are the most popular books being...

Film Critic: Pulp Fiction

September 8, 2013

For my  “Classic Film of the Month” review I am going to be looking at the film Pulp Fiction directed by the world renowned Quentin Tarantino. Tarantino wrote the story alongside Roger Avary, and the cast consists of some of the most eminent actors in t...

Film Critic Introduction

September 6, 2013

Thriller, romance, horror, animation, comedy, action, drama, adventure, sci-fi, I hate over-hyped movies that end up being a let down; The trailer was every other commercial, updates on the movie suffocated your news feed, you dodge s...

Review: Serenity

By By Nathaniel Reynolds

April 26, 2013

Here’s another band from Europe, all because there are very few American bands that I actually somewhat enjoy listening to and they are somewhat boring to me, especially when compared to Van Canto. Anyways, Serenity is a symphonic/power...

Review: Within Temptation

By By Nathaniel Reynolds

April 24, 2013

Yeah, don’t know how I’m going to top my last review with the guys making guitar sounds with their voices. Oh, well. This next band I’m reviewing is a Dutch symphonic-rock/metal band called Within Temptation. They were...

Listen to This: Tyler the Creator

By By Vail Moshiri

April 12, 2013

“Tyler isn’t edgy, he isn’t fighting the system, he’s an obnoxious kid, who thinks making art consists of taking all of the confused feelings or jokes he and his friends think are clever and making music with them. In the...

Review: Maroon 5

March 25, 2013

By Ashley Hocking 18 years ago, a group of friends in high school formed a band. They called themselves Kara’s Flowers. Their name later evolved to become Maroon 5. The five members of the band include: lead singer Adam Levine, ...

Winter formal wows student body

By By Felicia Miller

March 5, 2013

Winter Formal was held on an appropriately freezing night. By the time the doors opened, all of the early comers were shivering. Upon entering the Formal, guests were greeted by a complementary "candy bar,” a table with an...

“The Hobbit” Review

By By Nick Steichen

February 28, 2013

“The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” is first part of a trilogy, and a prequel to the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I have been waiting for this movie for almost four years after they announced that they were going to make one,...

Listen to This: Best Side Projects

By By Vail Moshiri

February 28, 2013

With millions of bands in the world, only a few get lucky and make it big. With that even less are able to do it two or even three times. Some noteworthy artists with more than one popular band are members from The White Stripes,...

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