IPS: Spread the Word, To End the Word


By Mia Robinson and Ella Trendel

Students in the IPS program started the semester by taking part in the national campaign “Spread the Word to End the Word.”

This campaign helps spread awareness about how hurtful the derogatory “R” word can be.

The campaign, which was first introduced to Lawrence High six years ago helped pave the start for Unified Sports.

“We made this informational video that we had counselors show classes,” IPS teacher Susie Micka said. “It really made a difference.”

The decision to take part in the campaign again came from students noticing prevalent use of the “R” word in the halls.

“We’ve noticed it a lot,” said senior Carly Cooper, who narrated the video. “It’s good to get the word out that it’s not a thing to say ever. There’s not a good context to use it in.”

To achieve their, goal IPS created PowerPoints and videos to inform the student body about how damaging words can be. The class also met with interim principal Dr. Cynthia Johnson in hopes of making it a school-wide campaign.

“We hope this creates inclusion across the school,” junior Katherine Stineman said.

The video, which was produced by senior Mia Robinson, caught the attention of the Special Olympics, which plans to use it in its international “Spread the Word to End the Word” campaign.

Story by Ella Trendel, video by Mia Robinson