Weekly Art Feature: Free Floating Fears

For the week of December 10, check out Malka Hampton’s show


Malka Hampton

Senior Malka Hampton’s favorite piece from her show, Free Floating Fears

By Anahita Hurt, Online Co-Editor

Senior Malka Hampton discusses her art show, “Free Floating Fears.”

When and where is your show?

It’s currently hanging up at Gould Evans downtown and will be up through December.

What are the mediums featured in your show?

The show is all straight photographs.

When were your pieces created?

I created the pieces for my AP concentration shoot last semester.

When was your show set up?

Hang 12 hung my show for the November Final Friday.

How did you arrange and set up your show?

To set up my show I just wrote my artist statement, priced my work, and printed my images and then I gave everything to Hang 12 and they organized and hung it.

What’s the purpose of having a show?

I am having this show in order to get my name and my work out in the world. It’s really important to start doing this kind of thing now as a high schooler so I can get better at it and be successful later in life.

What’s the theme for your show?

My show is about mental health and mental illness. I portrayed it through different phobias in a sort of elegant way to address the romanization of it.

What was your inspiration?

I was mostly inspired by my personal experience with mental illness and how I have observed other people react to it.

What was your favorite of your pieces? Why?

My favorite piece is called Blame. I like it because it was the most difficult to shoot and I thought the final image was really successful.

What’s your favorite thing about this piece? Why?

My favorite thing about this piece is the fire and how I got it to light for a really long time and be a really great color.

What’s your favorite medium? Why?

My favorite medium is photography because I feel like I can do the most with it. I can take a photograph and it can be really successful and beautiful by itself and then I can also combine it with other mediums and it makes everything really interesting and fun to create.

Why do you like to create?

 I create because it’s pretty much the only way I can really convey everything I have to say and everything I think about. It’s also the best way I know how to make a difference at all in the world and really talk about my experiences.

Why do you like to share your art?

I share my art because it’s really important to me that people see issues in a different way and give people the opportunity to look at art that’s trying to talk about social issues.