Weekly Art Feature: The Wrath of Jupiter

For the week of November 12, check out Gabriel Sears’ painting


Anahita Hurt

Senior Gabriel Sears with his painting, the Wrath of Jupiter

By Anahita Hurt, Online Co-Editor

Senior Gabriel Sears discusses his painting, “The Wrath of Jupiter.” 

When was it created?

Last year, second semester

What medium is it?

It’s gouache and acrylic

What was your inspiration?

The Hero’s Journey

Why did you create it?

I guess I went into the Steps of the Hero’s Journey by some writer who lays out all the steps for a good story.

What’s your piece about?

It’s like the fourth step, which is the belly of the beast, which is where — it’s like the rising action right before the conclusion where the hero learns about themselves.

What was the assignment for this?

We had to make a set of pieces that followed one cohesive theme.

What’s your favorite thing about your piece?

The colors.

Why are the colors your favorite?

They look really good together.

What’s your favorite medium and why?

Gouache, because it’s like watercolor, but better.

How is gouache better?

You can do more with it, and once it’s dry you can add water to it again then go over it again.

Why do you like to create?

Because I like to make stuff that looks good to me, and apparently other people like it too.