Student artist inspired by “Adventure Time”

Question and answer with a fan inspired by the show


By Macy Landes, Editor-in-Chief

Though most current LHS students didn’t grow up watching Saturday morning cartoons, Adventure Time’s Finn and Jake offered them a glimpse of what devotion to an animated series is like.

The show, which aired 10 seasons from 2010-2018, is particularly nostalgic for senior Haedyn Bell.

How long have you been watching Adventure Time?

“I have been watching Adventure Time since it first aired in 2010. When it was new, me and my sister would watch all the new episodes together and get all excited about the new characters and gags and weird stories.”

What’s your favorite part of the show? How has it influenced your life?

“My favorite part of the show was the characters no doubt, they were all so different and lovable and relatable. They had flaws and quirks, and I felt like I got to grow up with Finn and go on his adventures, too. I also really loved the humor, like it was really clever at times but also goofy and just fun. Adventure Time was part of the reason I started getting into art and illustration.

“It’s really lame, but I would draw my own Adventure Time characters and try to fit them into the stories of the show, which in retrospect is kind of weird, but it was a really cool creative outlet for me.”

What makes it unique?

“I think Adventure Time was unique because it touched on topics such as grief and empathy and establishing healthy relationships, and those topics are so important for kids to learn about really.”

What did you think of the finale?

“I think the finale was great. It really rewarded viewers for sticking along for the ride and paying attention to all the little stories and all the different characters. It was really beautiful, and it had me in my feelings for sure. I cried like three different times. It also provided plot points and stuff.”

What message does the show send to kids?

“I think Adventure Time totally sends a positive message to kids. It sends the message that you should just live your life and find joy in helping others and building friendships and being yourself.”