Growing his own Business


Hannah Gaines

At work — Senior Josh Bell (left) sits on the truck he uses as a part of his business Bell’s Turf. Joining him are seniors Brendon Blanco, Zack Sanchez and Brian Ellis.

By Izzy Hedges, Staff Writer

Editors note: This story has been updated to correct information.

Graduation means senior Josh Bell will have more time to work on his lawn mowing business “Bells Turf.”

Bell said he was lucky he had never had to look for a job.

“This is what I want to do, and this is what I like to do, so it’s not like I have to go find a job, or find an employer,” he said. “I am the employer and check applications and find craftsmen that we think can do a good job and help us out and actually do a good job.”

Bell began the business when he was in elementary school with his older brother, Isaiah Bell.

Bell hired a crew, including several of his peers: seniors Zack Sanchez, Brian Ellis and Brendon Blanco.

Bell gained support from friends and family. Because Bell had been involved in the lawn mowing business since 2010, he understood the value and work the lawn mowing business takes.

“I think his choice is important because he is showing dedication at a young age,” Sam Allen, longtime friend of Bell, said, “I support him because a lot of people are still finding out what they want to do, while Josh is being a responsible business man.”

Often, people do not understand the amount of hard work the lawn mowing business involves.
“We don’t just cut grass, but we provide an experience — that’s our slogan,” Bell said.

Bell said his work is demanding but the schedule can be flexible.

“It has a lot more freedom to it, especially because I own the business,” he said. “I like owning a business.”