Getting Down to Business in the Winter Musical

Students perform ‘How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying’


Ian Jones

Main Attraction — senior Natalie Cote has the crowd’s attention as she performs.

By Sydney Pritchard, Staff Writer

Ian Jones
Singing to the audience — sophomore Jared Cote stands center stage.

The winter musical filled the auditorium with parents, relatives as well as friends admiring students as they put on “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.”

Lead actors junior Allison Rood and sophomore Jared Cote’ led the cast with confidence alongside the hardworking crew when the curtain went up for three performances beginning Jan. 30.

“I’m really proud of the ensemble, especially when we were singing ‘Cinderella Darling’ we worked really hard on it, and I’m just so happy how well we all did,” Rood said.

Cast and crew members brought to life the story of characters J. Pierrepont Finch and main love interest Rosemary Pilkington, taking the audience back to the 1950’s.

The production followed months of rehearsals.

Ian Jones
Fiercely Staring — senior Michael McFadden interacts with co-star during a scene.

“They are very hardworking, while also doing an excellent job of bringing all their characters to life,” director and drama teacher Jamie Johnson said.

Cast members said they had fun working on the play, however they had a few scary moments as sophomore Alexis Moulton had his mic fall off while singing.

“Overall it went really well for me,” Moulton said. “Last Saturday during the second performance my mic fell off while I was singing, but I felt that I recovered well, and I went on with the show even though it was a scary moment for me.”

In the end, the entire audience was on its feet.

“It was really good,” said sophomore Jazlynn Morales, who attended. “ I enjoyed it and it made me laugh the entire time. It never was a dull moment.”

Ian Jones
Typing — Junior Grayson Rodriquez focuses on her role as the secretary in the play.

When the curtain went down on the final night, Rood said she could relax and feel proud.

“I was definitely happy with the performance I gave,” she said. “I think the second performance, even though it was really long, that was good, but out of all of the performances I’m most happy with the last one.”