Golfer Beatrice Lopez putts her way to a personal best


Ian Jones

Beatrice Lopez

By Gary Schmidt

Sophomore Beatrice Lopez earned a personal best of 99 in girls golf during the Oct. 3 tournament at Lawrence Country Club.

At the state tournament this week, she tied for 56th place and overall finished a much-improved second season on the team.

Tell us how your round went.

“My round went pretty well. My short game was on, which definitely helped me shave off a few stroke to break 100.”

What was different about your day that allowed to you to break 100?

“I was really familiar with the course because that’s our home course, so going into the tournament I felt really prepared.”

Given how difficult the course is considered, how do you think your playing style proved effective?

“We made pretty good time [from hole to hole], so I think that helped because it doesn’t leave you much time to think about your previous shots, whether good or bad, which benefited me mentally.”

Describe your best shot of the day.

“My best shot of the day was a 20 foot putt that I putted in for par on the last hole. That shot was the reason that I broke 100 and got a personal record.”