Senior athletes sign up to play at the next level

Whether at private colleges, state schools or junior colleges, students have found ways to continue their passions in sports


By Trey Hulse

Matt Jacobsen, Highland Community College: “When I met with the coaches, one of the big things that they pushed was how they really had been building their program and out of all the schools that I went to and all of the coaches I talked to, I liked their mentality more so than the rest of the coaches, and I’m excited to be a part of what their building up.”

Coulter Strauss, Lindenwood University: “I chose Lindenwood because of the success of the lacrosse program as well as the emphasis on academics.”

Caroline Dykes, Missouri University of Science and Technology: “I’m looking forward to learning a lot and playing for four more years and making a bunch of new friends, and the people there are pretty diverse so I’m looking forward to learning about different cultures while I’m there, too.”

Jedzia Hicklin, Benedictine College: “The school I chose is close, but at the same time far away so I can still be close to my family, and it’s also a Catholic school which is what my family and I wanted.”

Amber Flummerfelt, Ottawa University: “I wanted to continue playing softball because I’ve never loved anything more in my life, so it only felt right to continue.”

Sophia Taylor, University of Northwestern Colorado: “I signed to Colorado because I really like Colorado and I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the team and I really liked the coaches.”

Samantha Mills, Ottawa University: “I got a softball scholarship and I also really liked the school they have a really good athletic training program and that’s what I’m wanting to do, I look forward to playing softball, and I’m also going with one of my best friends she’s going to be my roommate, I’ve played softball since I was 5 so it’s always been a part of my life.”

Amani Bledsoe, University of Oklahoma: “There were a lot of factors that tie into it [selecting a school]. It’s a crazy process but first of all the coaches, I get along with the coaches really well. The environment and the city reminds me a lot of Lawrence. It’s not going to be too far away from home either. It’s only about four or five hours away from Lawrence, so I can come back and visit. I just got that special feeling that told me it was the right school.”

JD Woods, Missouri Western State University: “I just enjoyed playing football, so I wanted to continue playing in college. I looked for a college where I felt like I could call it home, good coaching staff and a place where I felt I could get along good with the other players.”

Justin Roberts, University of Toledo: “The coaching staff really had a good effect on me. Being one of the players on the visit helped me realize that I could play the next four years there, and I just really enjoyed my time there. The facilities were really nice. It’s a mid major school but with the facilities you wouldn’t be able to tell, and they have a great support system. They get a lot of money from boosters and everything just looks great.”

Alan Clothier, Appalachian University: “When I went there, it was beautiful. It was in the mountains, and I thought it was the perfect school for me. I hung out with the wrestling team, and I felt like I should be with them and they were coming up they are going to be really good in a couple of years. The other coaches and the facilities were really nice.”

Anthony Harvey Jr, Newman University: “It was closer to home than my other offers, and Reece [Wright-Conklin] was a big part in my decision with the legacy he left behind — all the memorials they have in the gym, they’ve got two big posters in the gym and they have some leading up to the gym. The campus was just really nice and the criminal justice program is just stellar, and it’s where I need to go.”