School group plans improvements

LINK leaders work to create new safe spaces at school


Carli Stellwagon

Juniors Sydney Haralson and Jackson Mallory work in the LINK Leadership class.

By Kira Auchenbach

LINK Crew plans to bring some new changes to LHS that aim to make the school a happier place.

A five-part project aimed to start at the end of semester will include adding a safe space, murals, cleaning up the trophy cases, putting “lions, tradition, pride” above the trophy hallway and a suggestion box.

The LINK Crew will propose the ideas of change to school administrators.

The crew hopes to add a safe space, a place where students can get away from everyday stress. This will be particularly helpful to students who have social anxiety, anger issues or any other trouble relating to school and peers.

“Something as major as the safe space would require demolition or construction to be able to put it in, so it’d be great to have district backing for that,” junior Cameron Stussie said.

Suggestion boxes would provide students a place where they could give their opinions, ideas and comments about LHS. Students would have the opportunity to anonymously submit desired changes they’d like to see in and outside the school.

“There are students who have opinions about what should go on with activities,” junior Kailey Bates said. “They don’t really have a voice because they’re too afraid of how they’re going to be judged for what clique they’re in.”

LHS has many trophies that are in the shadows and have not been displayed or well recognized. LINK plans to display more of these trophies and make the cases look nicer by dusting and cleaning the glass.

Above the trophy cases, they hope to put the words “Lions, Tradition, Pride” on the wall space.

Along with the idea of updating the trophy cases, LINK aims to display more art awards and ribbons. To raise awareness about what Lawrence High has to offer, murals by the art hallway would be painted. It hasn’t been decide how it will be carried out, but LINK hopes student participation will be an option in creating the murals. The murals will also help people find and know where the art hallway is.

For the participating LINK crew members, the projects will accomplish more than some cleaning. With the safe space LINK desires and the changes and improvements they hope to make, LINK crew’s intention is to help students feel accepted and encouraged at school.

“I hope that some of the students who feel completely outcast from everybody else in the student body, that they do feel involved and that they do feel like they have a voice in the building,” Bates said.

In addition to the building initiatives, LINK has come up with an acronym to show what LHS has to offer and what it’s about: OATS. O for opportunities, A for a place for all, T for traditions and S for success.

“Opportunities because LHS is so full of them and there’s so many different things that you wouldn’t normally see in high schools.” explained Bates. “A place for all, so we’re wanting to kind of group all the student body together and make sure that everyone is comfortable and every one feels as though they have a place.”

LINK’s ambition for the projects is to unify the student body so that no student feels left out or judged.

“All of these project ideas are just that at this point,” Schrag said. “Ideas for ways to make Lawrence High more of a safe family place. This is simply what LINK crew does. Dream big, think big, to try to make Lawrence High School a safe and welcoming place for all students.”