Halftime Report: Lions trail Wichita East in state championship game


Joseph Anderson

John Barbee pushes to the basket during the first half of the state championship game.

By Zia Kelly

The starting five were introduced on the WSU court at about 6:30 to start play in the state championship.

Wichita East first got their hand on the ball but only to knock it to senior Anthony Bonner who then ran the first offensive play that he ended with a three—the first points on the board.

East quickly caught up and kept the Lions scoreless for two minutes, which was broken with a layup by Bonner with 1:13 left in the first quarter. Bonner led the Lions in scoring during the half with seven points.

LHS was down 8-9 at the end of the first quarter.

East’s defensive line kept the Lions from covering needed-ground in the second quarter, but the team was able to stay in the game with a few field goals and a late trip to the free throw line by senior John Barbee, which was one of his two points during the half.

Although LHS did not provide a fan bus like they did last night, the Lions’ student section is full—many returning from last night’s game.

“Both of the teams have a lot of talent so it’s hard to tell who’s going to win,” sophomore Cole Brungardt said.

The Lions are down 13-31 at half.

“I think we need to rebound,” junior Betsy Smoot said. “And work hard and muscle and be good in transitions.”