How to make a zombie teacher


Adam Graham

English teacher Keri Lauxman poses with her dog Roxy. Lauxman dressed as a zombie while Roxy came as a Chesty Lion.

By Cortlynn Stark

Freshman Mia Romano explains what it took to turn English teacher Keri Lauxman into a zombie and her plans for becoming a professional makeup artist.

Tell me about your make up on Ms. Lauxman.

Mia Romano: “Well, she asked me to do kind of a zombie sort of make up. I was thinking of doing a full face, but I thought she’d be talking all day, so I just did a little cut thing around the eye and then a kind-of veiny infected thing.”

What materials did you use?

Mia Romano: “For the veiny-cut thing, I used a silicone modeling compound called 3rd, alchohol-based color palette and a face cream.

Are those hard to find?

Mia Romano: “They’re expensive, but if you go online you can order them and stuff. To find in town, I don’t know where you would get them.”

What are some of your favorite make up creations that you’ve done in the past?

“For the zombie walk I just did, I did a scarecrow, and I made my friend a zombie tin man. That one was one of my favorites.”

What do you want to do in the future related to makeup?

Mia Romano: “I would like to do stuff with the plays — maybe at the art center — and possibly go to a makeup school, maybe go into film making with it.”

So do you see yourself as a future Hollywood makeup artist?

Mia Romano: “I’d like to strive for that. That would be amazing if I could do that.”

Where did you learn how to do this kind of makeup?

Mia Romano: “I taught myself. I kind of just saw something. I always liked to draw fake injuries on myself, but I would use Elmer’s Glue and tissue paper and markers to make something. I saw something on the internet and was like, ‘Ooo let’s try this,’ and then this is actually a thing you can do like there’s stuff for this thing.”

What is some advice to future makeup artists?

Mia Romano: “Don’t get discouraged by people who are better than you and just always keep trying because you will see yourself improve. I’m kind of interesting — like how I came from using glue to doing it on a teacher and everyone saying it’s kind-of cool. So yeah, you can get there.”