Warehouse provides venue for artists, musicians

Lawrence artists work and perform at SeedCo Studios

By Kansas Gibler

A brick warehouse acts as a second home to artists and performers within the sea of old buildings and brick roads deep in East Lawrence.

SeedCo Studios rests in the heart of the Crossroads Arts District and exists as a creative space for Lawrence artists.

“SeedCo is an artists and musicians studio,” artist Erok Johanssen said. “We rent spaces to people that need a place to do visual art or practice music or record music.”

During the day, old concrete floors hold up resident artists as they produce works, and at night, when artists aren’t producing physical artworks, performers of all genres play shows in the building.

The venue’s atmosphere is almost completely open, like being in a big garage. There is unfinished artwork along the walls and a small stage is housed on the floor.

Sophomore Alex Hurt played at the venue in October 2013 with former band WhereTheWildThingsAre.

“[The building] was very open, so it didn’t feel like there were as many people as there were,” Hurt said. “It’s really laid back and not as serious.”

This past weekend, the venue moved to a building directly behind the previous location on 826 Pennsylvania Street to Delaware Street. Once the former space is renovated, the artists will move back.

Local music label “Whatever Forever,” which currently operates out of SeedCo, will benefit from the change of surroundings.

“I think [the move] is going to be good for most people,” Johanssen said. “It gives everybody a chance to refine. Being in here for two years, we’ve all been able to collect a lot of stuff, and I think it’s a good opportunity to get rid of some of our older works and have a fresh new start to start experimenting with new things.”