Serenade your sweetheart

By Emily Donnell

   Serenade Your Sweetheart is an event organized by the Chamber Orchestra to raise money for their program. On Feb. 12, groups of four or five orchestra members go around the community in vans driven by teacher and administrators to serenade sweethearts.

   The customer may choose between six different songs and the price varies from $25 for a regular serenade or $30, including the serenade and red rose.

   “This is our sixth year doing it,” Orchestra Director Rachel Dirks said. “It’s gone really well, we usually get around 30 to 40 performances.”

   Not only does this make people feel special, but all of the proceeds help benefit orchestra students.

   This program helps the Orchestra program throughout the year, they advertise by emailing and sending fliers to as many people as they can. The results of some serenades have even socked Dirks in a pleasant way.

   “The first year we did it, we went to a lady in a beauty salon, and she was baffled by it and starting crying because it was her wedding song,” Dirks said. “She thought it was so special.”

   The costumer has four different time selections for the serenade, but must select all of the times their sweetheart is available. The six song selections range from Brandenburg Concerto #3, My Heart Will Go On, Canon in D by Pachelbel, Eleanor Rigby, Winter from “Four Seasons”, Oye Como Va (Santana).

   Students who have not done it before are looking forward to the experience ahead.

   “I’m looking forward to the places I end up going to,” Junior Ally Wilkie said. “And the expressions I will see from people.”

   This event happening on Feb. 12, will give the much needed money for the Orchestra program, while giving something special to someone who deserves it.