The School Newspaper of Lawrence High School.

Students attend local Black Lives Matter vigil

By Macy Landes, News Editor

On an emotional evening, Lawrence High students and staff attended a candlelight vigil organized by Lawrence’s Black Lives Matter chapter held in response to the slayings...  Read More »

September 23, 2016 • 0 comments

Homecoming parade goes down new route

September 22, 2016

Sit-in achieves goals Tuesday night

September 8, 2016

New Parade Route this year

September 1, 2016

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Junior Travis Barfield made honorary team captain

By Trey Hulse, Assistant Sports Editor

It was a Friday night and junior Travis Barfield was back on the field in his football jersey, the night’s honorary captain headed out for the coin toss. For Barfield,...  Read More »

September 22, 2016 • 0 comments

Sunflower League competition map, predictions

September 16, 2016

Q&A: Fall Sports Previews

September 16, 2016

Gymnastics team triples in size

September 13, 2016

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PHOTOS: Homecoming parade and Rally Around the Lion attract students

By Ian Jones and Addisson Thornsbury

September 22, 2016 • 0 comments

Q&A: Homecoming candidates

September 16, 2016

Banned Books Week draws in art students

September 16, 2016

Q&A: New teachers

September 7, 2016

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A Day in LHS #19

By Jacinda Warren, Comic Artist

                                         ...  Read More »

September 8, 2016 • 0 comments

A Day in LHS #37

August 25, 2016

Your guide to the best and worst bathrooms in school

May 12, 2016

LGBTQ+ people in need of sufficient representation

April 29, 2016

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The School Newspaper of Lawrence High School.
The School Newspaper of Lawrence High School.